About Us

Oh! About us?!
We’re building an agency for the long term, not just for the few years ahead of us.
Here’s why that matters for you —
No “churn and burn.” — Our focus isn’t closing deals. It’s getting you quality leads for months, years on end. If we’re not confident that we can help you, we’ll tell you straight up not to work with us.
Unparalleled experience — We’ve got people on our team who have worked for top tier tech startups and large companies, helping them scale up millions in revenue. We’ll bring that data and experience to grow your business too.
New leads from cold traffic. We’re all about leveraging your current customer data to get leads from targeted internet market
No client is more important than you. You’re not going to get put on the back burner because somebody “more important’ came along.
That’s why tons of businesses — like Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Wema Bank, Emirate Airlines, Chi Limited, HDI Marketeers and more — have worked with us.
Who wants to risk their marketing budget and their reputation on an agency that might not deliver quality leads that turn into customers, communicate consistently?
Nobody’s got time for that.
Let’s chat more to find out about your specific situation, and give you some ideas on how we can help you:

TRADERSBALL is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency

Wherever you are, so are we,  TRADERSBALL can  take you where you want to go.
We don’t take the word “INNOVATION” lightly.


Smart is beautiful.

What we do is simple. Elegant. And just works. After all, a solution is only a solution if it solves a problem. That’s why we take time to listen and assess before we ever think about design and deployment. This thoughtful consideration is written into the DNA of every technology leader we employ. With their guidance, we apply that thinking to everything we do.

Digital marketing is what we do

The right solution by design.

As every client knows, digital strategies are often moving targets. So we start by evaluating your current state from business process to technology, and then try to nail the ideal target through a blend of common sense and blue-sky thinking. Developing and executing this plan takes knowledge in both foundational and platform technologies. Together, they let us create the ideal solution. Every time.

Digital marketing is what we do

User Experience

If you’ve ever wandered around a store looking for that pesky last item on your list, you already know the importance of usability online. That’s why utility, ease of use and desire come baked into everything we do. We call it ROE (return on experience). But first you need to discover your ROE sweet spot — the place where brand, business and audience goals converge. We’ll help you find it.

What we do

Creating a visually striking website is only the beginning. We can customize the perfect 360 degree marketing a-la-carte strategy tailored to fit your budget – we’ve got the right tonic for your brand to succeed and scale as your business grows.

How we do it?

A good planner represents the one person who’s not in the room during ideation sessions: the consumer. We take this needed, and sometimes dissenting, view to help agency and client teams separate and elevate the truly amazingly relevant and breathtaking ideas from the merely great ones.



Your fiercest competitors will see how you express your brand in the digital world and wonder how you won people over. Your secret? Deep customer insights from TRADERSBALL researchers. Your competition? They’ll try to be like you. But we both know you’ll always have the upper hand.

Digital marketing is what we do